2022 Leadership Teams

Administrative Council
Votes on all church policies and procedures, including budgets, and approves the hiring of staff.
Chairperson: Jon Clevenger

Adult Ministry
Chairperson: Scott Bice

Youth Ministry
Chairperson: Shad Stewart

Children’s Ministry
Chairperson: Jennifer Bice

Women’s Ministry
Contacts: Kathy Combs and Ginny Whitehouse

Men’s Ministry
Chairperson: Bryan Gardner

Music Ministry
Chairperson: Cheryl Jackson

Lay Leadership Team
Nominates people to/for the primary committees and for delegate and Lay Leader positions.
Chairperson: Rev. Bruce Nettleton

Finance Team
Recommends to the Administrative Council the annual budget; has responsibility for stewardship campaigns
and all finances, except rental properties, for the church.
Chairperson: Bryan Gardner

Manage the care and upkeep of the grounds, church buildings, major equipment; responsible for the financial trusts such as memorials that are held in stock and trusts; represent the church in all legal matters.
Chairperson: Scott Deyo

Staff Parish Relations (SPR) Team
Responsible for hiring all personnel, for overseeing employee benefits, and for responding to staff and
congregational concerns for the church.

Chairperson: Jaime Stewart

Prayer Ministries
Chairperson: Sonnie Maas, Lori Chasse

Kitchen Committee
Chairperson: Kathy Combs

Sanctuary Decorations
Chairperson: Judy Calitri

Wesley Foundation Director
Brandon McGinnis

St. Andrews Representatives
Mike Park and John Ferguson

Scouting Ministries
Gene Higginbotham

For a complete listing of team members or for any questions you have, please contact the church office.