Well we have interesting news, this week.

The Bishop and the Annual Conference Re-Entry team have cleared churches to move into Stage 3 of the reopening process.

What this means (in plain English) is that we are now allowed to reimplement in person children’s ministries under certain strict guidelines. Sequoia and her team are busy at work pulling together a team to help make that happen. We will very likely roll out the new programs in waves, starting with Nursery and Children’s worship and working out from there. Be patient. We want to do this safely and meaningfully.

As with all things during the transition, we will continue to offer online alternatives for those of us who are not yet comfortable attending in person.

We’re also busy rethinking some of our other programming in light of the current situation. We’re developing plans for our annual Trick-or-Treat ministry and for Operation Christmas Child. We’re going to do our best to provide all of the special programs we’ve become accustomed to throughout the Fall and Holiday Seasons, but reimagined in the light of a world where we place one another’s health at a very high priority.

On that note, here’s an update from Jamelle, who inexplicably decides to refer to himself in the third person this week…

Your youth pastor, Jamelle, sent out an email to all parents who have students in the youth group. In the email list that he has, he talked about the new version of the youth group for a while. On October 14th, Emerge Student Ministry will begin their hybrid version of the youth group. For more information, please contact the church office and ask for Jamelle or email Jamelle at .

In the meantime, the youth group is meeting on zoom at 6:30 pm every Wednesday. If you do not have the link, please contact the church office and ask for Jamelle or email Jamelle at . There will be more information about events to come, so stay tuned on email and our Facebook and Instagram Account.

Weekly Update (9-23-2020)

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