Greetings, Church Family!

It’s been an eventful week on the Covid front, with the spike in new cases for Madison County getting state-wide attention and the Governor’s new recommendation of no in person classes in the public schools for most of the month of September. We also have news of a Madison County Church which has suffered ninety new cases among their membership. We lift that congregation in our prayers even as we continue to keep our own doors closed to in-person worship for the next several weeks.

For many people, hearing that the church building is not open for Sunday worship suggests that the church is “closed.” This is far from the truth. We continue our ministries to one another through online experiences, even as we continue to reach out to our community in a number of ways. Our Sharing Ministry has been open by appointment to lend monetary aid to people with utility bills and other necessities. We continue to offer meals to those who need them by delivering ready to eat dinners twice a week and by participating with other community churches in serving meals at lunchtime throughout the week. We also have a partnership with God’s Outreach, helping to deliver groceries to people in need (also by appointment through the church office.)

With the beginning of the school year rolling around (in some form or other) we’re also thinking through our traditional mid-week discipleship programs for all ages. You’ll hear more about these plans from the rest of the staff at the end of this update and in the weeks ahead. Just know that we intend to use whatever tools we have available to help each of you in your spiritual growth.

Now here are some updates from some of the rest of the staff…

From Sequoia:

CALLING ALL CHILDREN!! Children Sabbath IS HAPPENING. August 30th join us on the Church’s Facebook page for a children’s lead video recorded worship service premiering at 10:45am & Thrive (5:42pm). This means I NEED YOUR HELP! I will be emailing all parents requesting lots of video recordings to help us bring the service together. Parents if you don’t know receive an email from me this afternoon please let me know ASAP.

Also, we will be getting creative with how we give out our 3rd grade Bibles this year, and to make sure we have everyone accounted for, if you have a rising 3rd grader this school year please let me know at so I can check my list twice.

Children Break Time will be coming to an end. With school starting it time to say goodbye to children break time. However, there are still a few weeks left to get in your last visit with me. Visits with children and their families are safe, and done in socially distant ways — like chalk in the driveway or eating in lawn chairs. You can view available times, and sign up for one here,

Get ready for WNL virtual style. This year we are doing a lot of things differently and adapting. So, WNL is no different! Childrens Ministry in partnership with Adult Ministry will be hosting a family WNL zoom video-based gathering starting 9/9 6:30pm for 30mintues to share, read scripture, and to be encouraged to live out the lesson with a weekly activity. We will be studying the book of Ephesians, guided by Phil Vischer, VeggieTales co-creator. Our theme for the fall semester is HOPE! We hope to see you there…see what I did there.

UpTown Children Ministry will be finishing up going through our video-based lesson through the book of Philippians, answering the questions; Where Does Joy Come From? With everything we are going through it can be hard to find joy right now, but I promise you it is there!

We meet every Wednesday morning 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM and will meet next week for the last time as children and families prepare to start the new school year.

Meeting ID: 894 7245 2650

Children’s zoom meetings are password protected. If you are in our text group you have the password already, but if you need it please message Sequoia.

Please make sure you are in our remind group for all updates and information as it relates to children ministry. You can join by texting @uptownfumc to 81010.

From Jamelle:

Greetings Church Family,

I hope that everyone is doing well during this season of transition. If you have not already noticed, youth ministry culture changes every three to six months, but because of the pandemic we are currently facing, it feels as if youth ministry, as well as anything else, is evolving before our eyes. With several conversations with my teammates in student ministry, we are working through the starting back youth group in September. Meeting in person safely or a strong online presence is what we are looking at achieving. Continue to stay tuned as we communicate what our next steps will be within the next week or so.

From Jamie J:

Our fall discipleship offerings will begin on Wednesday, September 9. Most of these offerings will be online via Zoom, however, small groups may opt to meet in-person. Wednesday-evening online gatherings for children, youth, and adults will occur at 6:30pm (with other groups meeting at various times). Unfortunately, we are unable to offer childcare for in-person gatherings at this time.

Oh. And one more thing you can do to help. If you’re reading these updates and know somebody who might find the technology that we are using a little challenging, why not give them a call and try to bring them up to date. We’ll be sending out a good old-fashioned paper mailing in the next week, or so, but mail is not a particularly efficient way of keeping people up to date. It’s more costly than electronic media, and by the time we get a bulk mailing prepared and sent and it gets to your mailbox, the information you’re reading is already likely to be out of date.

Know that you are all in our prayers.


Weekly Update (8-12-2020)

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