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Make sure to read through to the end this week, as we have several important announcements to highlight.

First: We are returning to online only worship for the time being. Be sure to check the weekly updates for our re-open date, but it will be at least two weeks out. This change is in response to a request from the governor’s office and the Bishop of the Kentucky Annual Conference as we seek to respond together to the recent spike in Covid cases.

Second: Though we are worshiping remotely, we WILL celebrate Holy Communion this week in the form of a Wesleyan “Love Feast” as part of our time together. Try to pull together some bread and grape juice if you have a chance and have it available when you join us online. If not, you may substitute other elements as necessary. These are extraordinary times and call us to rethink the ordinary in order to create meaningful worship experiences.

Third: Jonathan is looking for some help with a new ministry for our high school graduates:

We are beginning a new ministry at Richmond FUMC, hoping to keep high-school graduates better connected to our church in their first four years out of high school. One component of this involves giving church members the opportunity to “adopt” a graduate.

The three things we ask you to do if you “adopt” a graduate:

Commit to pray for your graduate on a regular basis. This might involve communicating with them to find out how they’re doing and gather specific prayer requests. This could be done by you, or Jonathan could do it and pass it on to you.

When asked (at least once a year), write a letter/note of encouragement to your graduate that will be included in a care package sent to them. Jonathan will let you know when this is needed, and you can just get it to him and he will include it in the care package.

When asked (at least once a year), record a short video of yourself reading a “verse of the week” and greeting and encouraging all the graduates in our program. We plan to text/email all of them this “verse of the week” message, and we want them to see familiar faces sharing with them and greeting them (so this would go out to all the graduates, not just yours). Jonathan would be in touch with you about when this is needed, and he can also help you record the video if you need assistance.

Of course there are many other ways in addition that you might connect with your graduate, whether you’re friends on Facebook or you text or call them sometimes or you see them at church during the holidays. But none of these are required to adopt a graduate.

Are you interested in adopting a graduate for the 2020-2021 school year? Let Jonathan know by calling or texting him (859-200-7265) or emailing him ().

Finally: The Staff Parish Relations Committee is excited to announce that we have hired our new Youth Pastor. We’ll make a formal introduction as part of Sunday’s Service and repost the announcement here on the web page. My word to you in this moment is that our youth program will be in experienced and capable hands as we move into the fall.

Have a great second half of the week, and remember to join us for worship here on the web page:

Richmond First United Methodist Church

Weekly Update (7-29-2020)

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