As of late last evening, the Bishop of the Kentucky Annual Conference, at the request of Governor Beshear, has asked all Kentucky United Methodist Churches to cancel in person services for Sunday, July 26, and Sunday, August 2. This precaution is in response to the recent spike in new CoVid cases throughout the state.

Please keep in mind that closing our doors is a service to our community, our part of an effort to help keep people healthy and avoid unnecessary loss of life. It is something we choose out of love, and not something that is being “done to us.”

We will keep you updated on reopening plans. While the current requests is only for the next two Sundays, remember that the original closure back in March also began as a two week request.

While our doors are closed, please keep in mind that we are providing weekly online worship experiences though our church web page at

In Person Services Cancelled for July 26 and August 2

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