Read Acts 23:12-26-32, then visit these questions.

Chapter 23

  • Paul’s family seems willing to help him. Is this odd, considering they were Jews and he was a Christian?
  • The Jews said they “strictly bound themselves” to their vow. Why did they feel the need to make such a solemn vow? What do we know about these vows from that time period?

Chapter 24

  • The verse says that Annias and company “came down.” Came down from where? Where else is this language used in the Bible?
  • How is the opening to Tertullus’s speech and Paul’s speech similar, and different?
  • Was Felix a Christian?

Chapter 25

  • Why did Festus want to do the Jews a favor?
  • Why did Paul appeal to Ceaser?

Chapter 26

  • Was Paul making a bold statement when he said, “Why is it thought incredible by any of you that God raises the dead?”
  • What can we learn about Paul from verse 24?
  • Paul says he is speaking “true and rational words.” Why did Paul use those two particular words?
Acts Bible Study (7-8-2020)

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