1. Read Acts 19:21 – 23:11 and then visit these questions.
  2. 19:21. Why do you think Paul “must visit Rome”?
    1. Do you see it connecting with our thesis verse of 1:8?
    2. How does Romans 15:23-29 help us understand Paul’s plans?
  3. 19:40. So there apparently was no reason for the commotion in Ephesus. (Verse 32 tells us that “most of the people didn’t even know why they were there”!) Why, in your reading, did it happen then?
  4. 20:7-12. Can you read this story without smiling or laughing? What’s Luke’s point here? How might the breaking of bread be symbolic?
  5. 21:20-26. Paul takes another vow…but why?
  6. 22:25. Paul plays the “citizenship card” here and a few verses later, the “Pharisee card.” What is Paul accomplishing with all this? (And better yet, where can we get these “get out of jail free” cards?)
  7. 23:11. We’ve discussed how even Paul needed encouragement in the tough times. What do you make of this verse? How does it connect with last week’s study and the beginning of this section (19:21)?
  8. Is there a lesson in your own personal discipleship that you’ve drawn from this reading?
Acts Bible Study (for July 1)

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