We’re a few weeks into our Bible study on the book of Acts but you can still join! This study is open to youth and adults wanting to explore Acts a few chapters at a time. Led by Pastors Bruce and Jamie, we’ll read on our own and gather over Zoom to share insights and questions.

When: Wednesdays at 6:30pm

How: Email Jamie () for the Zoom link and password.

For Wednesday, May 27

  1. Read Acts 6:8 – 9:31.
  2. In 7:1, Stephen is asked a simple question. His response takes up almost the whole chapter.
    1. (You might consider giving a brief title to each paragraph to see the flow.)
    2. Why do you think he answers this way?
    3. At the end of his response (7:51-53), Stephen makes a bold claim that gets him in a tad bit o’ trouble. What was his claim?
  3. Why is 8:1 significant to the overall flow of Acts? Any thoughts as to how it might apply today?
  4. What was significant about Peter and John visiting the converts in Samaria (8:14ff)? Why was it necessary?
  5. What lessons about evangelism might we draw from Philip’s encounter with the Ethiopian (8:26-38)?
  6. In 9:4-5, Jesus asks Saul, “why do you persecute me?” In what way was Saul persecuting Jesus? What does this imply for us?
  7. Our first reading ended with 2:47, our second with 6:7, and this one ends with 9:31.
    1. What do you notice about these verses?
    2. What meaning should we draw from this?
    3. What relationship do these have with our thesis verse (1:8)?

Acts Bible Study (for May 27)

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