August 12: Scripture | 2 Timothy 3:14-17 | Zak Kratzer

Did the stories of scripture actually happen, or are they simply metaphors?   What is the connection between the Old Testament and the New? With regards to question number 1:  yes. Stories in the Bible are told in a whole range genres, ranging from comic fiction to serious historical enquiry.  The difficulty, of course, is knowing which are which. What all these categories hold in common is that they are intended to convey spiritual truth.  The main task of the story teller is to teach us lessons about God and His activity in the world. Our most important task is to discover and absorb that lesson. These stories of all different types and styles are knit together to tell a greater story that begins in Eden and has its climax in the New Jerusalem.  Everything else in the Bible serves to elucidate this single story of fall and redemption.

FAQ: Why Should I Trust The Bible? – Zak Kratzer (08/12/18)