The MMC provides a number of volunteer opportunities for members of our church and community.  If you are interested in any of these, you may contact Lori at 859-623-3580, or use the contact form provided below.

Front Desk:

We are always looking for volunteers to work the front desk at the MMC.  This is a fun time to come in and greet people at the front desk.  The shifts are only 2 hours.  If you enjoy meeting and greeting others then you would enjoy your time here.  The more volunteers that we have would mean that the MMC could be open more.

MMC Hospitality Team:

The goal of the MMC Hospitality Team is to create a warm, comfortable and welcoming environment for all who enter this building by greeting them with a smile and offering our finest hospitality.  This team consists of several ladies who have the spiritual gift of hospitality.  We meet monthly and are always looking at ways to make the MMC a warm and inviting place.  We also hold a once a month café on Sunday mornings.

MMC Think Tank Team:

The goal of the MMC Think Tank Team is to come up with creative activities that will bring in the community to our building.  This team meets quarterly.  One of the activities that we have done is the Straight Talk gatherings.  This is a time where we pick a special topic and bring in speakers that are qualified in that particular area.  We invite all to attend and encourage people to bring in friends, relatives, etc.  We feel that this is a creative way to get people into the MMC and show the building off to them.  The hope is that they will begin using the recreational facilities and see what our church has to offer.  Do you enjoy coming up with creative ideas?  This team would be for you!

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