Okay. So here’s a terrible confession. I have been telling people that this information was posted on our web page, and I seem to have been WRONG!

This information was gathered in 2019 in response to actions taken by the 2019 General Conference. The information around our first meeting (called Healing In His Wings) was posted promptly HERE.

On that page, you will find reference to a follow-up survey and a second open meeting, which was held in November 2019. The documents from that meeting were never posted, but I present them now. My only excuse is the whole pandemic thingy…

As mentioned, a second Open Meeting on issues pertaining to homosexuality was held on November 16, 2019

Notes Sheet from the November 16 meeting

Powerpoint Slides from the November 16 Meeting (Including Survey Results)

List of Congregational Affirmations

The intent of the “Affirmations” was to establish the values within which we could have further conversation around issues pertaining to homosexuality.

To date, there have been no further meetings following this one in November of 2019. However, beginning in December of 2022 (in the wake of the Covid pandemic) we are reopening these conversations. We anticipate further discernment and actions may be necessary following General Conference in 2024.

November 16, 2019
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