Greetings Church Family,

We continue to move forward out of the fog of Covid here at the church, with more and more of our members having received the vaccine and feeling comfortable with resuming in person activities.

Several of our Sunday School classes are back in the building for Sunday Mornings, and we have reopened worship for Sunday morning at 10:45 and Sunday Evening at 6:00. The Sunday evening THRIVE service is preceded by a supper each week, which is served using appropriate health safety precautions starting at 5:30.

It is our commitment to continue to offer online participation in each of these venues using Zoom and/or Facebook Live. If you have questions about how to access any of these events remotely, just contact the church office for help.

I have fielded a few questions about resuming our 8:30 Sunday Morning Service. For the time being, that’s a little beyond our reach. While attendance is beginning to rebound, we still have a very threadbare volunteer base that’s spread pretty thin. Getting a third service rolling will need to wait until we have our land-legs back underneath us. If I had to guess, I would say the 8:30 service will need to wait for a Fall kickoff. In the meantime, we are trying to provide a morning service with a meaningful mix of traditional and contemporary elements.

As we finish out the spring, we have Graduate Recognition Sunday coming up. If you have anybody in your family celebrating a high school, college, or graduate level graduation, plea call the church office so that we can include them in our celebration.

Jamie J also wants to share a couple of volunteer opportunities:

We have two ways for you to serve those in need:

First, recent flooding has required a lot of cleaning at Doylesville UMC. We are assembling a team to serve there on Saturday, April 24, from 10am-2pm. Click the link for details:

Doylesville Work Day

Second, there’s an easy way to get involved in our church’s mission to feed the hungry in our community. And we want your help! Go to our website post for the details and to sign up:

Feed the Hungry

Weekly Update (4-22-2021)
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Anne Brooks
Anne Brooks
16 days ago

Is our church too large for one Sunday morning service? Do we have to sacrifice unity to have two services? How appealing are the “contemporary?” elements of the second service? Do people come to the second service for the “contemporary” elements or for the traditional time? Do people stay away from the second service because of the “contemporary” elements? Is our church stronger or weaker because of two morning services?? There were vibrant church days with chairs in the aisles every Sunday (40 years ago), but the church was not divided into two “churches.” Would diehard contemporarians not be more inclined to appreciate the evening service? This seems like a good time to field more than some questions. Perhaps, there needs to be more comprehensive input into the value to the church, as a whole, of worshipping altogether and of discovering the parts of worship that are most spiritually uplifting and fulfilling.

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