Doylesville is a small rural church located about 1 mile from the Kentucky river, but next to a tributary that feeds into the river. The entire area was recently flooded, and it took 6 days for the waters to subside enough to be able to cross the roads and bridges to reach the church building. Water completely filled a small basement fellowship hall and kitchen. One floor above, the water rose 4 feet into the main floor, sanctuary, Sunday school room and office. Most everything in the church building was destroyed.

Update from April 24: A group from FUMC worked at Doylesville UMC to clean, remove garbage, lay down a vapor barrier in the crawl space, and to organize items for worship. We have received a list of materials they need to renovate their sanctuary and classrooms.

You’ll find that list by clicking here. If you have anything to donate, email Jamie Jordan.

If visiting at some point, the address for the church is 3420 Doylesville Rd. Richmond, KY 40475. Note that map programs like google maps and apple maps are not always accurate to the exact location. (Directions will be added here soon.)

Help with flood recovery at Doylesville UMC
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