I wrote a couple of weeks ago in response to the protests and accompanying violence surrounding racial tensions in our country. Racism is bad. Violence is bad. Blah blah blah. A perfectly correct, bland, pastoral response.

At the time, I somewhat cynically thought that the protests would be a flash in the pan (like so many I have witnessed in my lifetime.) Today, I want to celebrate that the protests have continued, and that… for the most part… they have continued peacefully. This feels like a moment in the life of our nation in which our collective conscience is driving us towards deep rooted and lasting change, and this prospect fills me with cautious hope.

In my own spirit, I needed to address the fact that I have been a passive bystander to injustice. I had convinced myself that racism was an artifact of a bygone era. “Sure, there are still some bad apples out there,” I thought, “but by and large this is a problem we’ve dealt with and solved.” It hurts me to confess this, because I have daily contact with people whom I love and care about who were silently suffering under the burden of an ongoing evil. Over the last few weeks, I’ve tried to open communication with my black friends to let them know that I genuinely want to be corrected when I am being insensitive or unintentionally offensive. I pray that they love me enough to do this.

I hope you will pray together with me that we do not let this painful moment pass until we have heard the lesson God wants to teach us.

A Note from the Pastor on the Current State of Unrest
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Elizabeth Bendure
Elizabeth Bendure
1 year ago

Dear Pastor Bruce,

I appreciate your candor and honesty. I struggle with the reality that people I know and love do not seem to understand that racism still very much exists. I also struggle with what I should be doing. Please keep being real with us, and keep challenging us as a congregation and as individuals to face the reality of racism in our lives and to find ways to bring about change.



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