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While we’re physically distant from one another, we want to continue to give you chances to study God’s word together and for us to keep learning together as we have been this semester. Below is a lesson for the week of April 29 that you can complete on your own or with those near you. We’ve been studying genres (types of books) in the Bible, and we’ve recently gotten to talking about letters in the Bible.

We’ve been spending some time in Paul’s letter to the Philippians, and this week, we come to the final chapter (chapter 4). This lesson focuses on Philippians 4:1-3, and next week’s will focus on Philippians 4:10-13. There are six verses between those passages, and we’ll send out one each day this week with some short thoughts.


Emerge Remote Lesson 4/29

WATCH: Watch this clip from “The Office” in which Jim and Dwight’s conflict comes to a head.

WATCH: Watch the video here of Jonathan introducing this lesson.

READ: Read Philippians 4:1-3


  • What do you disagree with your parents about? Do you get along with them in spite of this? What do you agree with them about?
  • What do you disagree with your friends about? Do you get along with them in spite of this? What do you agree with them about?
  • What’s the best way to respond if you see someone you love share an opinion you disagree with strongly (on social media, for instance)? (Bonus points here if you send this answer to Jonathan by text or at – not to be shared with anyone else, but because this is a genuine question and I want to know what you think.)
  • How can we best love people with whom we disagree?


  1. Do what you said the answer to the last question was. If you need an idea of something to do, think of a person you disagree with strongly, and then write them a note telling them what you appreciate about them.
Emerge Remote Lesson April 29
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