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While we’re physically distant from one another, we want to continue to give you chances to study God’s word together and for us to keep learning together as we have been this semester. Below is a lesson for the week of April 22 that you can complete on your own or with those near you. We’ve been studying genres (types of books) in the Bible, and we’ve recently gotten to talking about letters in the Bible. This week, we continue diving in deeper into one of those letters — Philippians.


Emerge Remote Lesson 4/22

WATCH: Watch this clip from “The Office” in which the members of the office are running a 5K (for rabies awareness).

WATCH: Watch the video here of Jonathan introducing this lesson. (If you want a recap of the previous genres we’ve talked about this semester, watch the first part of the video from a couple weeks ago here.)

READ: Read Philippians 3 (verse 1-21)


  • What have you spent time pursuing that you don’t think was worth it?
  • What’s something you have spent time pursuing that you do think was worth it? (There are other acceptable answers besides “Jesus” here — it’s your opinion)
  • Is there something “behind you” that you need to forget?
  • What are you “straining toward” ahead? What hopeful thing can you look forward to and press on toward? What goals could God have for you?


  1. Make a list of the most important human relationships in your life (so not Jesus/God but other humans).
  2. Next to each person, write something you can do to show that their relationship is important to you.
  3. Write “Christ Jesus” at the top of the list, above everyone else. Think about what that would mean for you, and then do it.
Emerge Remote Lesson April 22
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