Beginning on Sunday, September 15, Richmond First United Methodist Church will be conducting a survey of the members of our church family as part of an ongoing effort to prepare a public Statement of Values surrounding the issues raised by actions of the General Conference held in February 2019.

The survey is not a vote.  It is a listening device.  We are trying to collect data on the sorts of things that our very diverse congregation can agree upon together.  This data will be a starting place for an open meeting of the church family to come together and begin trying to craft the Statement of Values.  Later, an approved Statement of Values will act as the starting place for the church to discuss policies and best practices for the church.

The open meeting is currently scheduled for November 2, 2019 from 9:00am until Noon.

This Statement of Values is one of three action steps agreed upon in an open church meeting we called Healing In His Wings in March of 2019.

Richmond First Conducts Survey on Response to General Conference 2019